Big Horn Sheep by the side of the road.

Big Horn Sheep by the side of the road.


Citizen Science Trips is on hiatus while the founder travels across Canada in celebration of Canada 150

Follow her progress on the Citizen Science Trips Blog!


Citizen Science Trips can be the vacation of a lifetime.

They combine a full-service vacation travel experience with the opportunity to be a Citizen Scientist.

Citizen Scientists are people who conduct scientific research in their spare time.  They don’t necessarily have any science training, but they want to participate in the “collection and analysis of data; development of technology; testing of natural phenomena; and the dissemination of these activities”.  They believe that we are all citizens of this world, and we must work together to understand it.

Citizen Science Trips lets you take science into your own hands.  Literally.  Our Citizen Scientists work with scientists on actual research projects and provide significant research contributions.  All while having a wonderful vacation in a unique location.

If you think you are (or want to be) a Citizen Scientist, book one of our upcoming trips or <<click here>> to be added to our notification list when we add new trips (we won’t email you other than when we add new trips, promise!)