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Canada 150 – Welcome to NWT

Two of three completed!  My original plans for this Canada 150 trip was to visit the three places I had never been in Canada:  Newfoundland, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.  Two down!  Long drive from Edmonton, but here I am.

Canada 150 – Prince Albert National Park

Another day in another stunningly beautiful National Park, oh the tedium if it, lol. I actually posted this on Facebook, as a joke, but the reality is that Canada has some very beautiful lakes and trees, A lot of them.  And after a while, all this stunning beauty kind of all blends together.  In fact […]

Citizen Science Paleontology at Grasslands

OK, this was the coolest thing ever. For one week per year, Grasslands National Park and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum offer a Citizen Science opportunity to help with an archeological dig.  The program is called Fossil Fever, and I really enjoyed my day as an amateur paleontologist.  A special thanks to parks staff who were […]

Canada 150 – Crossing the Prairies

Can you imagine what it was like in prairie in the late 1800s? For the Cree, Dakota, Dene (Chipewyan), Nakota (Assniboine) and Saulteaux first nations people, living on the prairie? For the first settlers crossing the beautiful (and easy to travel) prairies? I imagine what the settlers would see and think: all that open sky, […]

Canada 150-Grasslands National Park

I always knew I would like Grasslands National Park, from the first time I read about it when it was created, in some magazine that I subscribed to.  I remember the article saying that we, as a country, had preserved many beautiful places – like Banff and Jasper, but had neglected what some folks would […]

Canada 150 – Riding Mountain National Park

There are no mountains at Riding Mountain National Park.  Well, one of the park staff joked that if you lie on your back and squint a lot, some of the escarpment can look like a mountain. My arrival wasn’t very promising, as I drove up and down highway 10 inside the park looking for the […]

Canada 150 – At the Hundredth Meridian

At the hundredth meridian.  That is literally where I am, according to Google Maps (I opened Google Maps to my current location, touched and held the screen until a red arrow blob appeared and the location showed my latitude and longitude. And indeed, the Great Plains begin at this location in Manitoba.   And there […]

Canada 150 – Beating the heat

Now that I am in the prairies, temperatures soar during the day and it is pretty uncomfortable in the car.  I’ve resorted to a hair style from the late 80s for purely practical reasons.  I got the hairdresser to shave the lower back of my head, all the way up to where it starts to […]

Canada 150 – over 10,000 (km so far)

Just added up the mileage, just passed the 10,000 km mark today (over 6,000 mi)   From To Kms Toronto Chateauguay 560 Chateauguay Miramichi 848 Miramichi Kougibouquac 46 Kougibouquac Fundy 186 Fundy Chateauguay 991 Newfoundland (total trip) 1226 Chateauguay Ottawa 193 Ottawa Birds Hill 2216 Birds Hill Winnipeg 26 Winnipeg Toronto 2070 Toronto Stratford 110 […]

Canada 150 – Michigan U.P.

Yes, I know that the Michigan Upper Peninsula is not in Canada.  But I had done the Toronto-Winnipeg drive on the Canadian side twice in the last month, and that is over 2000 km, so I decided for some new scenery.  And Google said it would be 5 hours shorter starting from Stratford, so over […]