Daily Archives: 15 August 2017

Canada 150 – Riding Mountain National Park

There are no mountains at Riding Mountain National Park.  Well, one of the park staff joked that if you lie on your back and squint a lot, some of the escarpment can look like a mountain. My arrival wasn’t very promising, as I drove up and down highway 10 inside the park looking for the […]

Canada 150 – At the Hundredth Meridian

At the hundredth meridian.  That is literally where I am, according to Google Maps (I opened Google Maps to my current location, touched and held the screen until a red arrow blob appeared and the location showed my latitude and longitude. And indeed, the Great Plains begin at this location in Manitoba.   And there […]

Canada 150 – Beating the heat

Now that I am in the prairies, temperatures soar during the day and it is pretty uncomfortable in the car.  I’ve resorted to a hair style from the late 80s for purely practical reasons.  I got the hairdresser to shave the lower back of my head, all the way up to where it starts to […]