Daily Archives: 22 August 2017

Citizen Science Paleontology at Grasslands

OK, this was the coolest thing ever. For one week per year, Grasslands National Park and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum offer a Citizen Science opportunity to help with an archeological dig.  The program is called Fossil Fever, and I really enjoyed my day as an amateur paleontologist.  A special thanks to parks staff who were […]

Canada 150 – Crossing the Prairies

Can you imagine what it was like in prairie in the late 1800s? For the Cree, Dakota, Dene (Chipewyan), Nakota (Assniboine) and Saulteaux first nations people, living on the prairie? For the first settlers crossing the beautiful (and easy to travel) prairies? I imagine what the settlers would see and think: all that open sky, […]

Canada 150-Grasslands National Park

I always knew I would like Grasslands National Park, from the first time I read about it when it was created, in some magazine that I subscribed to.  I remember the article saying that we, as a country, had preserved many beautiful places – like Banff and Jasper, but had neglected what some folks would […]