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Canada 150 – Michigan U.P.

Yes, I know that the Michigan Upper Peninsula is not in Canada.  But I had done the Toronto-Winnipeg drive on the Canadian side twice in the last month, and that is over 2000 km, so I decided for some new scenery.  And Google said it would be 5 hours shorter starting from Stratford, so over […]

Canada 150 – Stratford Festival

After having to backtrack to deal with some family business, I was able to get away from Toronto again.  What better place to resume my trip across Canada than a stop at Stratford for the Stratford Festival.  I used to live in Sarnia, only an hour away, and used to come up to Stratford for […]

Canada 150 – Pinawa, MB

I used to live in Pinawa, so I had to take the opportunity to get back there.  I got this exact T-shirt on this exact day in this exact location 28 years ago. Yes, it has lasted this long, as well as the friendship with the person who gave it to me. I remember the […]

Winnipeg Folk Festival – Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Canada 150 trip – day I’ve lost count. Finally made it back to the Winnipeg Folk Festival.  I became a fan when I lived in Pinawa years ago, and have only been able to make it back once – 3 years ago.  I love everything about the Folk Festival but mostly the opportunity to immerse […]

Ontario is very wide

Day 2 driving across Ontario on my Canada150 trip, having left Ottawa on Canada Day.  I was aiming for Kenora, but only made it as far as a beautiful little fishing lodge/cabins/campground who took pity on me and let me have one of their two bedroom cabins for a good rate.  There was a big […]

Canada Day in the National Capital

Still raining in the National Capital, but everyone is developing strategies and coping mechanisms.  Note the caption on the show I was watching from my warm and dry hotel room in Sudbury, after leaving the National Capital early – but not before watching Bono and The Edge! Happy 150th Birthday, Canada.  I’m proud to be […]

Montreal – Friendship, and Music History

Montreal is not a new city for me – I grew up here, on the south shore, in a town called Chateauguay.  It is recently most famous as the hometown of Corey Crawford, two-time NHL Stanley Cup-winning goaltender. To me, this is a bit of down time in my travels, somewhere familiar.  Somewhere to stay […]

Being a tourist in Twillingate, Newfoundland & Labrador 1

I loved Twillingate.  I was only going to spend one day there and ended up spending three nights.  However, there were certain local idiosyncrasies that made it a bit challenging, so I thought I would put them out there to help other tourists.  If you don’t plan on going to Twillingate, NL, then you can […]

Icebergs at Twillingate

This is so amazingly awesome, I have been trying to figure out how to write about it.  I was only going to spend overnight at Twillingate to see Iceberg Alley and then move on to Gros Morne – I enjoyed it here so much that I am now going to have to forgo Gros Morne […]

Canada 150 Trip – Signal Hill

St. John’s is definitely a working town.  All of those wonderfully huge ocean-going boats, moored right up against the downtown area.  You can see the ships next to the highrise buildings in the downtown core, and I was right across a walkway from one while I was having lunch at a food court yesterday.  Amazing. […]