Canada 150 – Jasper, Banff & fires

It was a good year for me to do this Canada 150 trip as I missed out on all the wild fires – an my heart goes out to those who lost so much.  A big thank you to everyone involved in fighting the fires.

I do love Jasper and get there whenever I can.

Walking on water at Jasper National Park

This was the first time I noticed that we could walk on water there – at least, that is the illusion as this huge lake is only knee deep at least to the middle of the lake.  That is as far as I went because in addition to being very shallow, it is also very cold.  But quite interesting.

The terminal moraine at the Athabaska glacier

I also love glaciers.  If you study Glaciology at U of Waterloo, you might see me.  For a couple of field seasons I took my holidays and went to the Columbia Icefields where friends of mine were doing their research.  I am not a glaciologist, and my contribution to the research was primarily to “stand over there, we need scale for this photograph”.  The Athabaska Glacier has significantly receded since those days, leaving behind this interesting terminal moraine.  In the photo you can start to see the haze caused by nearby fires.

As I drove south to Lake Louise and Banff, the mountains almost completely disappeared.  This is a picture of Lake Louise, when I was there.  I am sitting at a restaurant on a mountain top across the valley from Lake Louise, supposedly enjoying a beautiful view of the lake.

“Lake Louise”, the glass you see is edge of the restaurant balcony