Canada 150 – Stratford Festival

After having to backtrack to deal with some family business, I was able to get away from Toronto again.  What better place to resume my trip across Canada than a stop at Stratford for the Stratford Festival.  I used to live in Sarnia, only an hour away, and used to come up to Stratford for weekends of Shakespeare – I used to do 6 Shakespearean plays in 4 days, and get immersed in the language.  I also would drag some folks from work and introduce them to live Shakespearean plays.  I remember one colleague who bragged that he managed to get through high school without having to study any Shakespeare – so of course we dragged him with us.  He loved it, the word play, the suggestive language, the great acting.  I always introduce people to Shakespearean plays with a comedy.  Don’t be tempted to go with something familiar – like Romeo and Juliette, or Lear, these are just too heavy for a first play (not funny, and in the former case, not even all that good).

Big changes at the Stratford Festival since those days – only 3 Shakespearean plans, one comic opera (HMS Pinafore), one musical (Guys & Dolls), and various other plays.  Can someone explain to me how Captain Corcoran and Buttercup end up together, given that she raised him as a baby and therefore must be as old as his mother???