About the Trips

mallorca_featureCitizen Science Trips

Citizen Science Trips takes the concept of Citizen Science to the next level.  We organize vacation trips where you travel to a research field site, which is often in a wilderness location, and spend some time every day participating in a Citizen Science Project.  All projects are part of a validated research program to ensure that the contribution you make is an important one.

While you will spend 2-4 hours per day contributing to the research, you will have lots of time to enjoy the surroundings and relax, hike, take photographs, read, or participate in whatever the location has to offer.  Most of the locations are remote, but accommodations vary from tents to luxury lodges.

A Typical Trip

ipanema-beach_featureSunday Morning:  Arrive at the nearest city with a major airport.  We find that some of our clients like to arrive early, to spend some time enjoying the sights and sounds, and in some cases enjoy some last luxuries for a few days.

Sunday Afternoon:  Meet your Trip Lead and the rest of the Citizen Scientist travelers.  Travel to the field site and get settled in.

Sunday Evening:  Over a welcome drink, learn about the research project and how you will be contributing.

Monday – Friday:  Depending on the research needs, you will spend 2-4 hours participating in the Citizen Science project.  This can involve many different things, including collecting samples, taking pictures, recording locations, making observations, etc.  Any training you need will be provided by your Team Lead, who is a scientist with field experience.  You might be hiking, boating, flying, or staying put.  Some of our trips even involve fishing or other hobbies.  Other than that, you are free to enjoy yourself in the area around the field site.

Friday Afternoon:  Pack up and head back to the city with the major airport.  You can spend the weekend there, or travel directly home, as you prefer.  We are sure you will bring with you wonderful memories of a great trip and the knowledge that you have contributed valuable science.

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