Icebergs at Twillingate

This is so amazingly awesome, I have been trying to figure out how to write about it.  I was only going to spend overnight at Twillingate to see Iceberg Alley and then move on to Gros Morne – I enjoyed it here so much that I am now going to have to forgo Gros Morne entirely (because rain is forecast there for the next few days, and therefore not worth me taking two days out of my visit for the driving alone).  Next trip.

View from my tour boat on the North Atlantic, an iceberg appears from the fog. This is what mariners would have seen, before radar.

Behind me is one iceberg, not two – they are connected below the water line. Also note the shore in the background, for scale.

Sunset over icebergs – taken from a park bench on shore.

The view from the dock at Twillingate. My American friend jokingly said that this is exactly what he thought the view from a park bench in Canada would look like!

Just sitting on shore, there are icebergs for view everywhere.  How did I somehow miss in my education the fact that there was an Iceberg Alley along the coast of Newfoundland???  I am amazed.  So I will just post some photos.

Oh, and Twillingate is very small but interesting.  I was able to catch a Newfoundland musician who has a full summer residency at the Anchor Pub here – great show, good Newfoundland music and funny stories.  Still in search of Newfoundland music with a fiddle, but so far I have enjoyed three musicians with guitars.