Sometimes it is all about friends

One of the wonderful things I have been able to do this trip is reconnect with old friends.  With facebook, and email, it is now much easier to stay in touch with friends and family, but nothing beats an actual face-to-face visit.  During this trip I have been behaving like I did in University – assuming that pretty much any friend will be thrilled to see me and put me up on their couch (or spare bed if I am lucky).

Me and Padme

A wonderful thank you to them all.  I got to spend time with two good friends that I have known since I was two years old.  And when sitting on the porch with another old friend, we figured out that the last time we had actually seen each other was her wedding 17 years ago!  And amazingly, the three days together were fun and full of catching up and learning who each of us has become.  And we still like each other, isn’t that great.  So here is to my good friends that I had the wonderful opportunity to visit:

Quebec – Joanne and Natalie

New Brunswick – Jackie

Ontario – Sue & John, Sylvie, Valerie & Mark

Manitoba – Paul & the Campbells

Saskatchewan – Brent & Christina (who actually live nearby in BC, but we met in PA!)

Alberta – Sheila & Patrick, Kari & Peter, Sarah (briefly)

BC – Paul and all my friends at home!