St. John’s Newfoundland!

Finally, I made it to Newfoundland – the first of my three “new” places on this adventure.  I had to be a complete tourist and have fish and chips at The Duke of Duckworth (note all you Republic of Doyle fans), and listen to some music at Erin’s (owned by one of the members of the now-defunct-but-still-awesome Great Big Sea.  So far no Alan Doyle sightings.  I love the working harbour – quite a few ocean-going ships moored right up against the main street downtown.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow, I plan to hike up Signal Hill and get a good view.

St. John’s reminds me of a cross between Fredericton, NB and Bergen, Norway.  The picturesque brightly coloured houses around the harbour are very much like Bergen.  But the unassuming and very open and friendly town is what I have come to expect in the maritimes – my spiritual homeland.