Starting West today

Well, plans change – which is wonderful because my plans for the summer are very fluid at present.  I thought that Kouchibouguac National Park would be the furthest East that my car would be this trip, but I was wrong. I did go to Kouchibouguac, but the hiking trail I was interested in was closed.  They were really hit by the wind storm earlier this year, and are working very hard to get things in shape, but not fully there yet.  So I came down to Fundy, my old favourite haunt, which is just slightly east of Kouchibouguac.

Today I turn west, to either La Mauricie National Park, or possibly all the way to Montreal.  I can’t believe the problem I am having finding a camping pot to boil water!  Just one pot, not a whole set, that doesn’t have a handle (thus easily stashed in a backpack).  But my route today takes me past two Mountain Equipment Coop locations, so I should be good!