For Trip Leads

Citizen Science Trips is looking for people to propose and/or lead upcoming trips.

Citizen Science Trips takes Citizen Science to the next level!  We have volunteers who are willing to spend a dedicated 2-4 hours per day for a week or more working on a science project at a field site.  We need Trip Leads.


lake_featureProposing a Trip to Lead

<<Click here>> to propose a Citizen Science trip to lead

Our ideal Trip Lead is a graduate student or recent graduate (Masters’ Level or above) who has completed at least one field season.  If field work is still going on where you did your research, or you think there is more that can be done, you can propose a Citizen Science Trip that you would lead.  There should be a lead investigator and a funding source for equipment and other expenses – Citizen Science Trips provides the people.

If you would like to propose multiple trips to the same location, you might end up with a full-time summer job.  Trips will only be confirmed when the minimum number or people have signed up, but it is feasible that a Trip Lead could run back-to-back trips at the same field site for two straight months.

To propose a Citizen Science Trip to lead, click here or download the Word or pdf file and email it to us.


Role of the Trip Lead

trekking-_featureTrip Leads are the face of Citizen Science Trips.  Part Scientist, part tour guide, you not only ensure that the science gets done, but you make sure that the clients have a wonderful holiday.

Trip Leads fill the following roles:

  • Liaison with the lead researcher – understand the overall research and the role expected of the Citizen Scientists, and report the findings at the end of the trip.
  • Citizen Science Project field manager – figure out who goes where and does what, when.
  • Lead for the Citizen Scientists – train the volunteers as needed
  • Data quality and integrity guru
  • Equipment transporter – you will drive the van, current license needed.
  • Chief cook (and bottle washer) – yes, you have to do the cooking, over a camp stove probably.
  • Recommender of cool and fun (and legal!) things that Citizen Scientists can do in their time off.

You don’t have to propose a trip to be a Trip Lead.  We do have researchers with research proposals who need Trip Leads, and we will keep your resume on file until we can match you with an upcoming trip.

<<Click here>> to apply to be a Citizen Science Trip Lead



Contract positions for one trip are for a total of 3 weeks and involve commitments for  8 weeks – part time (8 h/w for 6 weeks) and then full time for 2 weeks (the week before and the week of the trip).  Back-to-back trips increase the full-time component.

To propose a Trip  <<click here>> or download the Word or pdf file and email it to us.
To submit your Resume <<click here>>.